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Yorkie finds the worlds best sleeping position

This Yorkie is the king of sleeping. He has found the worlds best napping position!

Yorkie Gives Parrot Best Friend A Loving Kiss

Yorkies are known to get along well with other dogs, but what happens when it's a Parrot?

Adorable Yorkie Loves Being Pushed Around in a Stroller

These two dogs thoroughly enjoy being walked. Except they don't walk at all!

Yorkie Puppy Adorably Stalks and Attacks Stuffed Animal

Yorkies are always finding new ways to make us not only smile, but laugh as well. Just look at the below video for example,

Yorkie Goes for High Score on Tablet Game for Pets

He tries his hardest to master a game designed for dogs on the tablet!

Don’t Dare Rake Up Leaves Around This Yorkie

All she wanted was to rake up some leaves. Is that too much to ask?!

90+ Yorkies Found Living in Filth in Single House, Owners Charged

In California, USA - a grisly discovery was made at a home. Over 90 Yorkshire Terriers were found having been abused, neglected and left

Sleepy Yorkie Gets REALLY Excited when Daddy Arrives Home

Her reaction to daddy arriving home from work is something every human should experience!

Trying to Distract our Yorkie from Humping a Stuffed Animal

Getting a Yorkie away from a stuffed animal while he would rather be getting busy is a frivolous task!