Yorkie Chases Bear Up a Tree

Brave Yorkie Scares Huge Bear Up a Tree featured image
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In the video below you are going to see something that you have definitely never seen before.

Obviously by the title of this post you know this is going to be a video of a Yorkie chasing a bear up a tree.

However, words do not do it justice because you have to see it to believe it!

Watch the video below:

Yorkies are known to be larger than their size. In other words, they are very tough and can be ferocious!

Most of us only know Yorkies to be cute and cuddly little friends. However, we all know deep down that our Yorkies are more than that.

They are much, much more than that!

Yorkshire Terriers were obviously bred to kill rats in recent history, however now they are much more than that.

Most Yorkie parents know that Yorkies are full of character and energy. And occasionally full of mischief.

Now we can confirm that Yorkies are not only adorable but also brave! We have actual evidence now.

However, I once saw a video of a Yorkshire Terrier chasing a potential burglar / intruder over a wall – this is an older video and I am going to find it again for all of you!

I am so glad Yorkies are becoming the most popular dog breed in the world because more and more videos will be uploaded to the internet with Yorkies doing amazing things.

The video has gone viral and received a lot of hits – all thanks to the bravery of the Yorkie who saw an intrude on his property and decided to do something about it.

No matter the size – Yorkies will in most cases defend their property and family with their lives if they had to!

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