Bossy Yorkie Demands To Go Outside, Immediately After Coming Inside

Bossy Yorkie Demands To Go Outside, Immediately After Coming Inside

Sources: Rumble / Kelli Rose via The Yorkie Club

What is it about Yorkies that gives them the personality that is so opinionated?

I am sure you have known or at least have seen a Yorkie who isn’t afraid of giving their opinion on everything.

Yorkies are quite well known for having a “loud mouth” demeanour.

Other specific dog breeds also have similar antics, but with Yorkies it is truly one of their defining characteristics.

Part of the reason we all love Yorkies so much, is that their adorable looks are quite hilariously contrasted with their confident larger-than-life personalities.

The Yorkie featured in the video below is no exception. She is a highly opinionated Yorkie and almost always gets her way!

Take a look for yourself in the video below:

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The back-and-forth between the Yorkie and her mommy is so adorable.

We can all tell this little Yorkie gets her way most of the time and therefore has every reason to be demanding & bossy!

We certainly can’t blame her.

“You are very bossy.”

“You were just outside!”

“You can’t go out every five minutes!”

“There’s no lizards out there!”

“Very bossy Yorkie.”

“You’re a bossy girl.”

Does your Yorkshire terrier ever give you attitude when they want something?

That is obviously a rhetorical question because the answer 99% of the time is a resounding yes.

I have three Yorkies in my home and boy, if you were listening to the back-and-forth between us four you would totally think Yorkies run my house.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Having a house full of Yorkies is truly a unique experience & I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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