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Funniest & Cutest Dachshund Puppies

Screenshot: YouTube If you love Dachshunds, or dogs in general for that matter get ready to laugh and enjoy yourself. The video we featured

Siberian Husky Pranked by Scary Bigfoot

Best reaction I've ever seen!

Science Confirms Yorkie Owners Are Happier Than People Without Yorkies

How could anyone disagree?

Scientific Evidence Shows That Your Yorkie Can Adopt Your Personality with Time

The results speak for themselves

Is this the Smartest Yorkie Puppy Ever?

It is almost unbelievable how intelligent this Yorkshire Terrier is.

Today is my 2nd Birthday!!

Hi everyone, guess what? Today is my second birthday.

Anxious Yorkie Needs Attention from Mom

Poor little Yorkie is shaking uncontrollably, needs love!

Cute Yorkie Loves his Little Duck Toy

This will put a smile on your face today.

Yorkie Puppy is Obsessed with Balloon

A Yorkie puppy playing with a balloon is everything you need to see today.