Yorkie Used for Breeding his Entire Life Gets an Incredible Transformation

People who breed dogs and mistreat them are some of the worst types of people on earth.

Watching this video I have tears running down my face, the poor dog and the hell he has gone through.

Scroll down for the video!

I could not imagine even if I tried.

How much longer will this continue, there is not enough that is being done to combat people who mistreat animals.

Humans are the most compassionate beings alive, and also some of the most destructive and terrible – it is up to us humans, to isolate the bad ones and hold them accountable for their despicable actions.

This needs to end now!

This Yorkshire Terrier was used at a puppy mill to breed with female Yorkies for the pure reason of producing puppies that the breeder can then sell.

What kind of a person does that to another living sentient being?

Better yet what kind of a heartless person does that to a Yorkie of all things… The worst kind of person on this planet.

If you know of any place that is a puppy mill – you should report them immediately to animal rescue authorities because you may just save a life of a dog that is going through a living hell.

He was kept in a cage and never allowed to leave and touch the grass, he was mistreated and abused until one day he was rescued.

My heart reels for him and I wish I could adopt him myself to give him a loving happy home full of compassion and joy!

You can see the look on his face from the first few seconds of the video that speak louder than any words I could write.

He has seen enough, and is ready to be a happy dog again.

Watch the video below:

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