Adorable Yorkie Loves Being Pushed Around in a Stroller

Adorable Yorkie Loves Being Pushed Around in a Pram featured image

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Today we have a special video for you all to enjoy.

In the video we have an adorable Yorkie and his brother dog being pushed in a stroller while their owners walk.

It is so funny the fact that while out on a walk, the two little dogs are being pushed around and don’t have to move a muscle.

They look like they are each having the time of their lives though! Especially the Yorkie. He sits up and sticks his tongue out in the cutest way possible.

Watch the video below:

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These two dogs are absolutely spoilt. You can tell just by looking at them!

I have three Yorkies myself, and obviously I spoil them too – I’m only human.

Nobody can resist it when our Yorkies look at us with their adorable eyes, pretty much every Yorkie owner I know agrees on that fact.

Do you ever push your Yorkies around in a stroller? The Yorkie and his brother are totally happy inside their stroller– you can tell.

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The cool thing about the stroller above is that it is structurally durable as well as being UV resistant. So my Yorkies will be safe inside of it while also being protected from the sun.

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This video was originally submitted to The Yorkie Club on Facebook.

The Yorkie Club is an excellent Facebook group for all Yorkie owners.

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