Adorable Yorkie Begs Mom for Attention

Source: Joy Jones in The Yorkie Club

When you are as cute as a little Yorkie you can almost get away with anything.

In fact, everything you want should be on demand when you are as cute as a Yorkie!

The Yorkie in the video below is totally on-board with that idea.

When this Yorkie wants something, he is not afraid to let mom know!

Watch and listen to his adorable little sounds in the video below.

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Yorkies are known to get what they want, all the time.

That Yorkie in the video is no different!

He is wondering why mom is holding the camera instead of giving him constant cuddles.

I don’t blame mom though, when you are as cute as him – how can one not take videos?

This Yorkie is definitely one of the cutest we have featured on this website!

This video was uploaded to The Yorkie Club, videos uploaded are occasionally highlighted and discussed here to share the happiness of Yorkshire Terriers with the world.

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This video reminds me of another video we featured where a little female Yorkie was begging daddy to put the camera down and instead give her cuddles!

WATCH: Yorkie Begs Daddy for Attention

The thing about Yorkies, in my honest opinion – is that they absolutely know how adorable they are.

Even without looking at a mirror, each Yorkie is intuitively aware of how cute they are just by being themselves.

Therefore, it is no wonder as to why these Yorkies are absolutely not Okay with mom or dad filming their cuteness instead of giving them much needed cuddles and kisses!

Rest assured though, after these videos are filmed – I guarantee without a doubt that these little Yorkies get as much attention and love as they want.

All dogs deserve attention and love, because that is all dogs want from us humans.

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