9 Things Your Yorkie Dreams About At Night

9 Things Your Yorkie Dreams About At Night featured image

Have you ever watched your furry little companion as they sleep and wondered what they could be dreaming about?

A recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia concluded that dogs do indeed dream! With canines sleeping an average of 12-14 hours a day, we’ve compiled a list of what they could be dreaming about during those hours of slumber.

Squeaky Toys

Have you ever noticed your dog’s obsession with squeaky toys?

While it may seem adorable, the reasoning behind this fascination is not as cute as you may think. Researchers suggest that a dog’s obsession with squeaky objects comes from their natural instinct to kill prey.

Although we can only speculate, we like to imagine our furry companions dream about their favorite toys.


Bones are the perfect excuse for a dog to chew endlessly.

It’s an instinct and provides a sense of satisfaction for dogs like nothing else. This habit is highly satisfying and is likely one of the most common dreams that a dog could have.

Toys and Playtime

Dogs love to play and destroy their toys. Whether it’s deflating a favorite ball, chewing on a favorite stuffed animal, or chewing on their owner’s shoes, dogs find joy in having their way with material objects.

Have you ever caught your furry friend grinding their teeth in their sleep? They are probably dreaming about their new chew toy or tennis ball.

Being Petted

Dogs are social animals, and they enjoy showing and receiving love from other animals and their owners.

A recent study showed that in concurrent and single-alternative choice procedures, dogs prefer petting to vocal praise.

So, if your furry friend is having a pleasant dream about you, it’s likely they’re dreaming about being petted.

Loved Ones

Most dog owners know that their dogs love them unconditionally.

There are countless stories about dogs coming to their owner’s rescue or showing signs of grief and mourning during periods of loss.

Scientists have also provided evidence that dogs experience love, so it’s not unlikely that your dog is dreaming of those they love.

Adventures and Walks

Do you ever wonder if your furry friend is dreaming about running through their favorite park or exploring new places?

It’s highly likely, but such a memory is triggered in a strange way. Dogs use scent recognition to remember people, places, and events.

Photo: The Yorkie Club

Tricks and Obedience

After months of training and reinforcement, what are the chances that your furry friend is dreaming about the new trick you taught them?

Scientists suggest that repetitive obedience training helps a dog to form neurological connections, so it’s possible that your dog is dreaming about their latest trick.


It is not uncommon for a dog to move its legs during sleep, and some owners may wonder if their furry friend is dreaming of running.

A recent Harvard study suggests that when an animal is moving rapidly during REM sleep, it is a sign that they are acting out a dream.

Food and Treats

Although scientists can only speculate about what dogs might dream about, food is a common dream subject.

Whether it’s their ability to inhale an entire bag of treats or their desire to follow their owner around the kitchen for hours for a meager scrap, if there is one thing our furry friends are lacking, it isn’t a good appetite.

Photo: Jessica Chien / The Yorkie Club

In conclusion, our furry companions do dream, and they likely dream about the things that bring them joy and happiness.

From their favorite toys to their favorite treats and places, our furry friends’ dreams are just as important as our own.

So, next time you see your furry friend sleeping peacefully, remember that they are likely dreaming of all the things that make them happiest.

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