7 Sleeping Positions of Yorkies and What They Reveal About Their Personality

Yorkies, like many other dogs, use non-verbal communication to express their emotions and thoughts.

While wagging tails and lowered tails can symbolize joy and fear, respectively, the way they sleep can also tell us a lot about their personality and temperament.

According to scientists, a Yorkie’s favorite sleeping position can change based on various factors, such as where they’re currently laid, the presence of a person nearby, or their emotional state.

Below we have listed the seven most common Yorkie sleeping positions and their potential meanings:

Crazy Legs

When a Yorkie sleeps on their back with all four legs up, it’s called the Crazy Legs position.

This position signifies submissiveness and vulnerability, as the dog’s stomach is completely exposed.

However, dogs who sleep like this are independent and laid-back, showing that they feel 100% comfortable and safe.

Side Sleeping

Yorkies who sleep on their sides, exposing their tummies, are considered calm and carefree.

This position is common among pups and is usually reserved for napping.

However, some dogs use it for sleeping for extended periods.


This cute sleeping position imitates Superman flying, with the dog lying on their belly and all four legs stretched out.

Yorkies who sleep like this are energetic and bouncy, using this position to wake up easily and continue their activities.

Passed Out

Similar to the Crazy Legs position, Passed Out signifies overheating, as dogs’ paws contain sweat glands, and their bellies have the least amount of fur.

However, if the dog has their paws curled over their chest while sleeping in this position, it means they don’t want to be bothered.

Think of it like a human would: if you were ‘passed out’ in a state of deep sleep, you certainly wouldn’t want to be disturbed!

Belly Curl

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Dogs who sleep in the Belly Curl position may not get the best sleep quality, as their muscles are not allowed to relax completely.

However, Yorkies who sleep like this are often gentle and shy or on the other hand could even be the most adventurous of the pack.

Curly Sue

This position is similar to the Belly Curl, but the Yorkie’s body is more tightly wound up.

Yorkies and dogs in general, who sleep like this often do so to protect their bellies and share heat in a pack.

They might be cold or apprehensive about something, but they can also be joyful and independent.

Back to Back

When Yorkies sleep back to back with either their owner or another pooch, they’re showing that they consider them part of their pack.

This position signifies trust and bonding and shows that the dog feels secure and comfortable with the person or other dog nearby.

In conclusion, understanding your Yorkie’s sleeping position can help you understand their personality and emotions better.

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