5 Cute Facts About Your Yorkie

4. I may need some exercise!

Susan Wall Cintron in TheYorkieClub

You can tell that your Yorkie needs more exercise if they are being quite eccentric.

For example, if they are running around the house and even going so far as to chew on furniture, shoes or other household items then be sure that they may need to burn off some extra energy.

Yorkies are well know to be filled with energy, a dog that has pent up unreleased energy is a dog that can develop depression.

Yorkies are especially true in this case.

5. I am here for you!

Estela Loza in TheYorkieClub

Yorkies are very caring dogs.

In sure you already knew that but one thing you can be sure of is that your Yorkie loves you.

Ever find yourself feeling down? Or even just a little bit sad?

Your Yorkie will be there for you to remind you that you will be Ok.

Tonya Moher in TheYorkieClub

I can’t count how many times I have been in doubt or pessimistic and just one cuddle from my Yorkie is enough for me to bounce back.

Yorkies are truly amazing dogs and I could not live my life without them.

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