5 Cute Facts About Your Yorkie

Bernadette Galindo in TheYorkieClub

Living with Yorkshire Terriers comes with a lot of moments that are irreplaceable.

Joy, fun and laughter are items of each and every day.

Have you ever wondered if your Yorkie was trying to tell you something though?

I’m not talking about barking or staring at you, I’m talking about the following things your Yorkie may want you to know!

1. You must always bring me everywhere!

Emily Curran in TheYorkieClub

Did you know that when you leave your Yorkie at home they spend every moment praying for your return?

I used to pet sit for my sister’s Yorkies and let me tell you they spent the whole day staring out the windows waiting for my sister to return!

It’s the cutest thing ever and you need to realize how much your Yorkie needs you by their side.

2. If it lands on the floor it’s mine!

Kathi Bethke in TheYorkieClub

Did you think you could drop a loose sock on the floor?

Don’t try to take it away either.

Once it crosses the boundary of the floors then it is now in my possession.

And don’t even dare try to pick up food off the floor. That is my job!

Even though I’m small I can eat more than you. Just don’t let my stomach know!

3. Ask before bringing home any guests.

Benita Booth in TheYorkieClub

Don’t try to bring home any friends without first getting the approval of your Yorkies.

Your Yorkie will be annoyed if you bring home a new spouse.

And don’t even dare try to bring home another dog! That is just asking for trouble.

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