5 Problems Only Yorkshire Terrier Owners Will Understand

1. Your job is to love ME only!

Photo: Courtney A Parks in TheYorkieClub

Have you ever tried bringing a new family member into your home?

Try bringing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the house with Yorkies in it and some drama is sure to follow!

2. If you can eat it, I can eat it too!

Photo: MK Baccus in TheYorkieClub

Small dogs are notorious for getting the best bits of dinner.

How can one resist the cute little eyes staring up at you while you make a feast for the family?

Don’t feel guilty however, I am also someone who gives my Yorkies extra snacks.

Just don’t give them too much food, some human food is not okay for dogs.

3. Wherever you go, you need MY help!

Helen Brown Baird in TheYorkieClub

Yes little Yorkie you can sleep on my bed, on my couch or even my lap.

Why would you want to follow me into the bathroom?

Alright go ahead!

Don’t ever try and stop your Yorkie from following you within the house.

That my friends is an unwinnable battle.

4. Love me please, and more and more!

Photo: Sara Steffler in TheYorkieClub

Mom you didn’t give me the ten minute belly rub you usually give everyday.

Today it only lasted nine minutes and fifty four seconds.

Something must be wrong.

What did I do mom?

Did you think you could ever get away with giving your Yorkie slightly less attention today, even if by accident.

Photo: Pexels

Being busy doesn’t count.

In your Yorkies mind, your job is to love them all day every day!

No deviations in routine is acceptable.

Unless of course, you give me extra treats!

5. I’ll always be louder than everyone else.

Photo: Pexels

You simply can’t control a Yorkie on a mission.

Especially if that Yorkie needs to express their views audibly.

Don’t dare try to argue with them.

As I’ve said before this is yet another losing battle.

The best you can do is distract them.

Even if that comes with its own surprises!

Photo: Sharon Notargiacomo in TheYorkieClub

Living with a Yorkshire Terrier is totally the most problematic life imaginable.

Yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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