13 Strict Rules That Yorkies Have Established for Humans to Follow

In a shocking turn of events, Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) have recently emerged as the authoritative rulers of the human world.

With their irresistibly cute faces and wagging tails, these tiny canine overlords have laid down a set of strict rules that all humans must follow.

Here are the 13 commandments dictated by our furry dictators:

  • Thou shalt bow before the mighty Yorkie upon entering their domain. Failure to do so may result in excessive ankle biting, or licking.
  • All food offerings shall be presented on a silver platter and must consist of gourmet treats. No ordinary kibble shall grace their royal taste buds.
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  • Humans must learn the art of telepathy to understand their Yorkie’s every whim and desire. Barking will be considered a sign of human incompetence.
  • It is forbidden to disturb a Yorkie’s slumber. Humans shall tiptoe around the house, speaking only in whispers and dimming all lights to ensure undisturbed napping.

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  • Humans must dedicate a minimum of three hours each day to grooming their royal Yorkie’s luscious coat. Failure to comply will result in immediate banishment to the doghouse.

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  • All furniture shall be relinquished to the Yorkies. Humans will be relegated to sitting on the floor while the Yorkies lounge on the finest velvet cushions.

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  • Humans must master the art of fetch and playtime, tirelessly engaging in entertainment activities with their royal Yorkies. Laziness will be met with disdainful glares.

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  • Yorkies shall have exclusive rights to the comfiest spots in the house, including the center of the bed and the warmest corners of the couch. Humans must adapt to the periphery.
  • Humans must keep an extensive wardrobe of designer outfits for their Yorkies. Matching outfits are encouraged but not mandatory (although highly favored).
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  • Yorkies shall have unrestricted access to all treats and delicacies known to humankind. Humans shall observe their Yorkie’s refined taste and ensure a constant supply of gourmet delights.

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  • All humans shall undergo rigorous training to perfect their lap-sitting skills. Yorkies must be carried and cuddled at all times to maintain their royal happiness.

Image credit: The Yorkie Club

  • Humans must cater to the Yorkies’ preferred schedule. Work, social life, and personal obligations shall revolve around their majesty’s nap times, walks, and meal times.

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  • Humans shall never utter the word “no” in the presence of a Yorkie. The world shall be a positive, tail-wagging utopia where Yorkies are always right and humans exist only to serve.

Image credit: The Yorkie Club

Disclaimer: This article is purely satirical and intended for entertainment purposes.

It is not meant to be taken seriously, and any resemblance to actual rules established by Yorkies is purely coincidental.

Remember, in reality, dogs and humans share a loving and mutually respectful relationship based on companionship and care.

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