10 Reasons You Should NEVER Get a Yorkie

This video explains 10 reasons why you should NEVER get a Yorkie.

After all who wants an adorable, playful, energetic, happy and compassionate dog anyways?

1. Are you sad? Your Yorkie won’t leave you alone to cry

Your Yorkie will be by your side and not allow you a moment of peace to cry alone when you’re sad.

Who needs love anyway?!

2. They take your charm by looking cuter than you

You can not compete with a Yorkie when it comes to cuteness. You lose every time!

3. They steal things

From your socks to your food, Yorkies have no problem taking what is not theirs, including your heart!

4. They Keep sticking their tongue out

I thought we already covered cuteness: This is not a competition!

5. They are terrible drivers

In case you weren’t following, this is a joke.

6. They distract you

Having an adorable bundle of cuteness and love around you tends to be quite distracting, especially if you need to get things done.

Those damn Yorkies!

7. Can’t take a walk in peace

Your Yorkie will draw attention from all people and other dogs, if you plan on walking with your Yorkie in peace – Good luck!

And if you’re in a rush to get somewhere – well you will be late.

8. They are Loving

Your Yorkie will love you so much, that you will feel guilty for not being able to love them back as much.

No matter how hard you try you will fall short, and as a result feel guilty.

So, if you don’t want to feel guilty – then don’t get a Yorkie. It’s simple!

9. Yorkies are more Photogenic than you

Photo by Katie Gerrard on Unsplash

Ever tried to take a selfie with a Yorkie nearby?

It’s as if the camera and the Yorkie are scheming to make you look bad – Nobody ever looks better than their Yorkie!

10. Yorkies will try and keep you to themselves

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home?

Your Yorkie will not be impressed.

Try bringing another dog home too, then you get to see what I’m talking about!

Your Yorkie wants you all to themselves.

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